5 Series that a geeks gotta watch!

The word geek has a certain stigma attached to it. In the past, being a geek or nerd was not necessarily a good thing. You know what I say? Today, being a geek is a goal.Rock them geeky glasses. Geeks are the top of the food chain. Like coconut oil.


Got PC problems? Call a geek. Need a laugh? Call a geek. Can’t level up? Call your favorite geek!

You not buying it? Well, while coconut oil clearly has the world convinced of it’s use to cure bankruptcy, here are 5 TV series that may convince you that geeks are the coconut oil of humanity.

  1. Silicon Valley

The plot line is centered around the adventures of a Software Development Team of 6 young men, who have a startup company in Silicon Valley. They develop a music app that has a ground breaking data compression algorithm incorporated into it, that investors and companies alike try to buy out and mimic. The crew go from triumph to tribulation, rich to poor, but keep it humorous and entertaining, while still intellectually enticing, throughout.

2. The Big bang Theory

Even the person with no interest in technology and science can enjoy The Big Bang Theory, and that’s probably why it has run for 10 seasons already! The show is centered primarily around 5 main characters, four of whom are super socially awkward and geeky, and the other, Penny, who plays the hot girl from across the hall. The adventures of the cast and the plot is made much more interesting purely by the characters, their witty comebacks and their intellectually challenging conversations.

3. The I.T Crowd

I was super sad to discover that there were only 4 seasons of this series! It’s hilarious though so definitely worth it. This British produced sitcom is set in a London office, and the plot is centered around an I.T support department consisting of 2 geeks (Moss and Roy), and their department head, Jen, who knows nothing about I.T but pretends unconvincingly. Their usually chaotic shenanigans are A grade comedy entertainment!

4. Mr. Robot

This series is centered around super intelligent cybersecurity officer, Elliot. He is a Programmer turned hacker who suffers from social anxiety and depression, and has joined the fight against the system by hacking and erasing consumers debt. Whilst not entertaining on a humorous level, the series is intriguing, as it delves into Elliot’s thoughts and connections with people through technology and hacking.

5. Heroes

Super hero and villain synopsis, with a plot that keeps twisting and leaving you wondering what’s happening with your favorite hero! The series follows the lives of normal humans with superhuman powers, called Evos. With every hero comes villainy, and the fight against evil combined with the inventive and exciting super powers that the creators have thought up, makes for a good Netflix day.

Well, there we go. This is 5 series I would recommend for the geeky at heart.

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