Programming or Networking?

Decisions decisions! A common question we hear from students, and understandably so. The end goal of studying tertiary qualifications is to get a job, right? So, what we should be doing as young, eager minds is investigating what future employers might want us to have!


“But how will I do this O’wise iStudent??”

We suggest going on to job advertising websites, such as PNET, Career Junction and Job Mail. Here, you will get an idea of what the various job titles are paying, what skills are most common and where more jobs are available.


Since we have started our Career Development Programme, which aims to assist our graduates in job placements, there are a few things that we can say we have noticed. It is that employers are looking for students with Microsoft Certifications, or at least the knowledge thereof.

We have further noticed that employers are desperate for people with an understanding of BOTH Programming and Networking.

Lastly we have noticed that I.T Project Managers get paid decent cash!


“So, what is Programming? ”

It is the learning of a code or language that the computer can interpret and understand. The code produces certain outputs and functions, and the combination of many lines of code results in a functioning website, program, application etc.  There are many different programming languages or codes that can be used to create different things – for example, HTML and CSS are predominantly used in Web Development.


“What is Networking?”

This is the study of the parts of computers, where they go, what they do and how they communicate with each other. It involves having extensive knowledge of computer, programmes, servers and how we connect them all together. There is also an important security element that needs to be learned in Networking, to keep our data and information, or that of our clients, secure.


“So why do businesses want us to know about both?”

While it is amazing in it’s own right to be a fully fledged Programming or Networking professional, and it can and will get you very far in life, there is no harm in being able to do both. Businesses these days want to employ and promote individuals who can take on more than one job description, to save on salary bills. Any senior person in a management position can only really manage a person efficiently if they are able to understand and do that persons job – otherwise how will they be able to guide them?


For these reasons, it is easy to see that a lot of success can come from a career in either Programming or Networking, but the chances are higher of a more senior position if you know both. If you prefer programming, you can still work in programming only – but the networking will always be a back up, and vice versa!

That is why we introduced our Diploma in I.T Engineering. It includes both I.T Programming and Networking , as well as a Project Management module, so that our graduates have ALL of the skills to work in the ICT Industry, manage their time, their team and their projects better than the rest!



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